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Agency Standard Licensing

Agency Standard Licensing

Software is installed on a dedicated server for your own use. You will provide the Server and Microsoft SQL License. Alternatively we can provide the server for a fee.
 Benefits Standard Professional Enterprise


  Number of Companies  
  Pay & Bill Agency Portal  
  Umbrella & PSC Payment Processing  
  PAYE Payment Processing  
  Candidate Portal (Online Timesheet Entry & Dashboard)  
  Client Portal (Timesheet Approval & Dashboard)  
  Client Portal (Timesheet Approval & Dashboard)  
  Export to 3rd Party Accounting Systems  
  AWR Compliance Module  
  Customised Sales Invoice Layout  
  Bulk Emailing of Sales Invoices, Self-Bills  
  Data Import from Front Office Systems  
  Integration with Accentra Umbrella  
  Accentra Financials (Online Edition)  
  OCR Timesheet Processing
  • Custom template building & implementation required
  • Separate licensing cost to be paid for the OCR tool
  Monthly Fee  
  Set-up Fee (one-off)  
50p per Timesheet
first 100 timesheets Free
60p per Timesheet
first 200 timesheets Free
75p per Timesheet
first 300 timesheets Free