About Us

We are a team of seasoned Software Designers, Developers, Authors, Business Process Consultants and Trainers. Our legacy dates back to 1979 (see below) when our first ever accounting software was released in the name of Systematics I for the Apple II computers. In 2004, we came together under the umbrella of Accentra Technologies to deliver one of the best enterprise solutions in the market. Armed with our extensive knowledge in Financials and Payroll sectors, we have developed a series of applications for various business sectors, starting from general trading businesses to the more specific UK Contracting industry. In 2007, we teamed up with Accountax, a specialist tax advising company to create the best ever solution for Umbrella Payroll Service providers.

Accentra UK Management Team

JOACHIM VICTOR, Managing Director of Accentra has over 10 years experience in designing & developing Payroll & Financial software solutions in the UK market and over 20 years experience in IT. Joachim is well versed in the businesses process & compliance requirements of Umbrella companies and sets the road map for the product enhancements and innovations.

N K DAS, Customer Support & Training Manager, has been providing customer support to the clients and providing training on Payroll & Financial software systems for the past 15 years. Steve is also in charge of product testing and HMRC compliance procedures.

IMMANUEL ARUN DAVID, Head of Development & Technology, has been instrumental in managing the development of Accentra ERP Suite of applications and the Payroll software over the last 8 years. Initially a member of Accentra offshore development team, Arun migrated to the UK team in 2004 and since then has been a key contributor to Accentra.

Accentra India Management Team

K SRINIVASAN, a practising Chartered Accountant with rich experience in Software Design & Engineering and a wealth of experience in Management Accounting, has been associated with Accentra as Technology Director since 1999. He has been instrumental in shaping the off-shore developers into a strong & cohesive team and continues to provide inspiration to the team.

MAGESH KUMAR, a graduate in Computer Science, joined us in 2008 who currently manages the Green Pelican Pay & Bill System Development.