Agency Middle Office

Green Pelican’s Agency Middle Office comes to life where your front office system completes the all-important function of placing your candidate with a client. Once the contract is in place, GP’s sophisticated Pay & Bill software takes care of the rest & includes flexible methods of entering timesheets including OCR. The front office data can be transferred to GP Agency Middle office using three different methods:

  • A simple manual setting-up of Candidates, Clients and Placements
  • Batch import the Candidates, Clients and the Placements from CSV/Excel files
  • Direct API Data streaming from your favorite front office system
Once these data are setup, Green Pelican Agency Middle Office processes everything from Timesheets to Payment & Billing like a breeze. And while doing all these, quietly keeps handshaking with the built-in Back Office system. That means, when the middle offices bills a client, the back office picks it up instantly and updates all the ledgers down to the balance sheet. Each financial process such as Self-bills, Contractor Payments etc. get posted the financial ledgers automatically and instantly. You would actually never notice that there is a back office engine running in the background!
Candidate Payments
  • PAYE using integrated online
  • Payroll solutions
  • Umbrella Company Payments
  • Limited Company (PSC)
  • Purchase Ledger
Contractor Self-Bill Control Automatic validation for missing self-bill details for the limited company contractors.
Client Self-Bill Validations
  • Automatic validation for missing self-bill details for the limited company contractors.
  • You can also avoid embarrassing credit control issues, by setting up the system validate the value of the client’s self-bills with that of your invoice.
  • The setting can be tailored for each client giving you the control as well the flexibility.
Client Purchase Order Control An useful tool that allows you to pro-actively deal with the situations when the total cumulative billing value exceeds the PO value.
Multiple Client Locations& Contacts Dealing with corporate/public sector clients? You will have to deal with a multitude of work locations, contacts and invoicing locations & contacts, Green Pelican makes it easy by allowing you setup unlimited number of locations and contacts for each client. Tag the placements to the relevant work & invoicing location and contact and the program will deal with the rest.
Multiple Pay & Bill Currencies Dealing with overseas clients and contractors working abroad is easy. You can bill your client in one currency and pay the contractor in another currency for the same timesheet.
Flexible Invoicing Options
  • Client specific Consolidation option
  • Client specific layout
  • Client specific invoice delivery method.
Flexible timesheet Entry System Timesheets can be recorded in the system using any of the following methods:
  • Manual Single Entry
  • Manual Batch Entry
  • Import from 3rd party Systems
  • Online entry by Contractors
  • Sophisticated OCR Timesheets Facility
Flexible Holiday Pay System Timesheets can be recorded in the system using any of the following methods:
  • Holidays can be accrued both on Fund and Days basis.
  • Holiday Rate can be set at company level as well client level.
  • Holiday calendar can be set at company level as well contractor level.
  • Supports AWR holiday pay rate.
AWR Compliant A sophisticated 12 Week diary tracks exactly when a contractor has completed or nearing completion of the 12 week qualification.
Timesheet Chaser Tool A valuable tool that protects your revenue by easily tracking the missing timesheets. It takes seconds to look-up the missing timesheets and send reminders instantly and intuitively. Reminders can be sent by SMS and Email by both Consultants and Admin staff. As you send reminders, program keeps track of how many times you already chased! For example, if the consultant has sent reminder already for 2 times, Admin will know that and can make an informed decision on what to do next.
Flexible & Automated Invoice Delivery Getting your invoices in time and the way you clients want is the crucial to your business. Green Pelican does it the best way by allowing you to setup the following parameters for each client.
  • Commination method for invoicing
  • Email Delivery method (Single invoice per email/Single mail for all invoices/Single mail with single attachment)
  • Invoice consolidation method (per Timesheet, per PO, per Candidate/per Week etc.)
Once setup, Green Pelican does the rest and provides you with the status of delivery as it happens.
Factoring Support If your business relies on Factoring for financing, its critical for you to send copies of invoices to your factoring company instantly. Green Pelican tracks it and makes it possible to email the invoices automatically. You can optionally include special instructions for the factoring company on the invoices.
Sophisticated OCR Functionality Improve the efficiency and reduce the cost using the sophisticated OCR (Optical Character Recognition) system to process your timesheets.
  • Send out blank timesheets to your candidates by email automatically
  • Candidates fill-in the hours, print the timesheets, get the them signed by the client and fax it to you.
  • System does the rest!It automatically receives the faxed timesheets, processes them and creates the timesheet data for you to review and approve.
Margin Reporting by Consultants, Clients, Branches Analyze the margin by Consultants, Clients and Branches. If you a placement is owned by more than one consultant, Green Pelican splits the margin across multiple consultants automatically.
Unique Margin Reconciliation Feature The unique Margin Reconciliation feature makes sure that, the margin reported and finalized for a week remains constant for the week, irrespective of what happens in future. If you timesheets arrive late for a week and you have to process them the following week, the margin will be accounted in the week the timesheet is processed rather than the actual WE date.
Data Export to 3rd Party Accounting Software Though Green Pelican comes with powerful built-in financials ledgers, we recognize that Accounting system is often an integral part of an organization’s evolution process and you may want to continue with your existing system for some more time. Hence there are plenty of options available to export the data to popular 3rd party software systems.
Unique Report Repository Store and report or document in the unique report repository for easy retrieval for future reference. If your database size grows too big and you decide to trim it down 3-4 years down the line, this feature will allow you to still extract the reports with ease.
Social Media Integration for Contacts & Candidates Record the your contacts’ and candidates’ social media IDs (Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter) and GP can retrieve data and publish it within GP.
Sticky Notes A special implementation of “Windows Sticky Notes” that allows your staff to write specific notes for individual screens and records. For example, user can write something like ”Contact Joe and double check the email ID” on Joe Blog’s record. The note can be placed anywhere on Joe Blog’s screen and the creator can make it public if required.