Recruitment Agency Online Payroll and PAYE

The Green Pelican software handles all deductions and statutory payments including PAYE, NI, Student Loan, SSP, SMP, SPP, SAP, etc.

Benefits of the Green Pelican Recruitment agency payroll software:

End of Year (EOY), without the hassle
Most payroll software programmes require the user to complete the end of year (EOY) returns before rolling forward into a new payroll year. Green Pelican’s revolutionary software allows the user the freedom to complete EOY reports even after closing the year. The user can simply move on to the next year and return to finish the previous year end procedures at their convenience. There’s no need to restore or create separate Year End payroll files or any lengthy EOY procedures to follow.

Peace of mind when closing a period
For most online payroll users, there is a degree of uncertainly with the status of the data when closing a period and moving on to the next period. Our software has been engineered to eliminate this, allowing a user to verify and confirm the control totals for Net Pay, Tax, NI etc. before closing the period. This feature ensures that, between the time the user last ran the payroll and the period end date, no unexpected changes have occurred with the data.

Flexible payment and deduction types
As always with Green Pelican software, flexibility in operation is the key and payments can be set up as Fixed or Variable or Rate type. The fixed type payments will be set up and automatically carried forward by the software from one period to another. The variable type payments will be input as a different amount for each period. The rate type payments can be used to calculate pay based on the number of units such as ‘hours’, ‘commission amount’, ‘sales’, etc.

The deductions can be either Fixed or Variable in nature as well as a variety of Loan types. The loan type deductions allow you to setup an ‘outstanding’ amount and the requisite deduction for each period. Once setup, the programme will automatically make the deductions.

Online P45, P46, P35/P14
Fully tested and recognised by HMRC, the Green Pelican software can submit in-year documents such as P45, P46 and end of year returns such as P35/P14 – all the PAYE functions a recruitment agency needs.